Nutritionist and Dietitian’s Easy Fat Loss Tips for 2021

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Video Description

Hi YouTube, my name is Leanne Ward and I am a world-renowned dietitian, nutritionist and health coach with over 12 years of nutrition experience and over 300,000 followers on my Instagram (@the_fitness_dietitian), 380,000 on my TikTok (leanne_ward_nutrition) and over 700,000 downloads on my chart topping podcast, The Leanne Ward Nutrition Podcast.

I use my social media to provide my followers with free, evidence-based, expert advice and tips on food, nutrition and overall health.

This video is my first proper YouTube video and it’s all about easy and evidence-based tips to promote fat loss.

If you found it useful, you should definitely check out my top rated podcast, The Leanne Ward Nutrition Podcast. There are over 70 episodes full of evidence-based nutrition and health advice. The first episode in particular is all about My 6 Super Easy Fat Loss Tips. The links are below.

The Leanne Ward Nutrition Podcast, Episode 1:


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